Bat Survey and Mitigation

BBOWT Berkshire Environmental Education Centre, Woolley Firs, Maidenhead

We were commissioned by the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust to undertake a series of bat surveys of the Stable Block at the Woolley Firs Estate,  in connection with the conversion of the Grade II listed building to an environmental education centre. Brown long earred bats and pipistrelle bats were recorded roosting within the two barns on site. As such a European Protected Species licence was obtained to permit the conversion work, which commenced under licence in April 2011. Replacement roosting opportunities were developed and included within the new design in the form of a dedicated bat loft and dedicated bat access points under ridge tiles.

Duntisbourne House, Gloucestershire

We were commissioned by a private homeowner to carry out bat surveys in connection with the renovation of a house, stable block and lodge. The surveys showed that the buildings supported six bat species: lesser horseshoe, serotine, common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, brown long eared bat and whiskered bat.  The renovation work was carried out under a European Protected Species Licence issued by Natural England. As part of the work carried out under licence an existing agricultural building, which was previously unsuitable for bats, was modified to provide replacement roosting opportunities; particularly for lesser horseshoe bats. Monitoring surveys completed in 2012 and 2013 showed that lesser horseshoe bats are using the modified building and brown long eared and pipistrelle bats started to use the building during 2013 also. In addition to the provision of a bat house, the house and stable buildings were designed to include modfied bat roosting opportunties through the inclusion of ridge and under tile access points. Groups of tree-mounted woodcrete bat boxes were erected also and surveys have shown that they are used by common pipistrelle bats. 

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