Hazel Dormouse Surveying


We carry out surveys of suitable woodland, scrub and hedgerow habitat to establish the presence of the elusive hazel dormouse, following recognised survey practices and guidelines from Natural England, Chartered Institute of Ecological and Environmental Management and The Mammal Society.

Why are hazel dormouse surveys needed?

Hazel dormice are protected in the Uk under the Wildlife and Counctryside Act, 1981 (as amended) and Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017. They are listed as a Priority Species under the UK Post-2010 Biodiversity Framework and Listed as a European Protected Species under Annex IV of the European Habtats Directive. 


If a development has the potential to impact woodland where hazel dormice may be present, surveys are required to establish the presence or absence of individuals or likely breeding populations. A data search from the relevent country records centre can provide historial data of sightings.    

What do hazel dormouse surveys entail?

Surveys for hazel dormice include a thorough assessment of woodland habitat to establish suitability to support populations. Evidence of presence, such as nibbled hazel nut shells or natural nests can be established, alongside monitoring techniques and the use of footprint tunnels and nest boxes, in accordance with best practice guidelines. 


Surveys should be carried out during the active season April to November. Outside of this period dormice will hibernate. 

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