Protected Species Survey and Mitigation

We carry out a wide range of comprehensive protected species surveys for a range of clients. All our surveys are undertaken to a high professional standard following up to date best practice survey guidelines and the Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management's Code of Practice.


It is very important to factor the ecological survey timetable into a development programme. Due to seasonal constraints many surveys can only be carried out during the spring and summer.


Where protected species are present and impacts cannot be avoided, we can advise on suitable mitigation and compensation. We can guide you through the process of applying for and obtaining European Protected Species Licences issued by Natural England, before implementing work on site as required by the licence. 


Bat survey and mitigation                    

Licenced bat surveyors


Great crested newt survey and mitigation 

Licenced great crested newt surveyors

Barn owl survey and mitigation                    

Licenced barn owl surveyors

Reptile survey and mitigation                    

Breeding and nesting bird survey                

Badger survey and mitigation                    

Otter survey                                               

Hazel Dormouse Survey

Water Vole Survey

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